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These pages of letters skipped a couple of years in 2013 and 2014.

2012 ended with us getting the news that The General was sick, and the vet gave her six months to live. With Debbie's extreme care and a bit of luck she is still going strong 2 years later as we end 2014! Debbie has been researching and sourcing foods from all over Europe to keep The General happy and well. Also over that Christmas we had a major leak through the garage, and spent a chunk of 2013 (and a chunk of cash) getting that sorted out with a builder. In August 2013 we had a fish-tank catastrophe and all the tropical fish were killed. 2013 ended with Meg having her first major "episode" of being stuck down in her stable, and at one point it was looking as though she would need to be put to sleep on the spot. Again, with Debbie's amazing care and a lot of special foods and medicines Meg came through, and despite one further "stuck down" episode in summer 2014 she is still pottering about OK for an old girl (that's Meg, not Debbie). At the start of 2014 somebody let their car roll down the hill into Debbie's van, and we had a nightmare of long-running repairs and insurance issues that was not fullly resolved until November. 2014 has ended with us being given very bad news, very suddenly, about Gus, who seems likely to have a degenerative disease that might mean he is not with us much longer, so it's been yet another difficult Christmas. We are hoping that with luck, and the amazing care that Debbie seems to be able to give, Gus's situation might not be as dire as it appears. Let's hope we have some good news about him early in 2015.

During the course of 2012-13 a stray cat weedled its way into the family, and now "Little Cat" or "Lily" is firmly established as one of us. So, as on December 26th 2014 we have 5 cats (Kipper, The General, Cooper, Mugly and Lily), Gust the dog, Meg the horse and two goldfish (one of whom must be about 20 years old by now!). We had our regular Isles of Scilly summer holidays as usual, Debbie has been getting more and more commissions for paintings, and I'm bumbling on at work doing this and that, as I do! For all the trivial and superficial bits of news you can keep up with both Debbie and me on Twitter and Facebook, and perhaps (who knows!) I might even manage to put a few bits of news up on here during next year, rather than leaving it all for a skimpy end-of-year (or two) review!

That's it for 2014. Happy New Year!


That's all for now, thanks for tuning in, please drop me a line!

(Follow this link for some of the letters I've received out of the blue from visitors to this site)

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