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november 2001 Pete's Letters:
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2007:up until August
Jan-Feb 2007
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July 2007
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Jan-Feb 2007
Didn't write anything for the beginning of this year because Dodd the dog died in January and I didn't really feel like writing.  Some things are too big to put on the web.

March 2007
In March, for our anniversary and because we'd been wanting to go together for ages, we went to Venice! It was our first holiday together for years and years. We were very lucky with the weather for the time of year and had a really excellent time. Our hotel had a roof terrace looking out over the Laguna and the entrance to the Grand Canal, and was within a couple of minutes of St Marks. In the airport on the way there Debbie bought one of the Inspector Brunetti novels by Donna Leon, and we've both been reading those ever since!

Debbie: pensive in Venice.

April 2007
New Dog: Gus
We had three months without a dog, but then decided it was the right time to rescue another one from the dogs' home. To cut a long story short we now have Gus! He's really called "Gust", like a gust of wind, but "Gus" for short! We got him at the start of April and spent pretty much the whole month getting to know him and helping the him and the cats to be friends. He was a bit fat when we first got him, and he looks a bit weird with funny eyes and a splodgy coat. When he gets fit he won't look so porky, but I think he'll always look weird! I'll put up some photos of him HERE.
New dog Gust (Gus) 

Easter Hols
The weather's been great and I've had a couple of weeks holiday from work, so it's really been a nice Easter doing doggy things again. Apart from a couple of frosts in March Spring came early and stayed long, with a warm and dry April. It seems to have made for a bumper season for the bluebells, and the woods all around Keele look like this at the moment.


To the Beaches!
We've been taking advantage of the weather and the time off to get out and about: up hills, through woods, and out to the seaside. We've introduced Gus to Llandudno and we took him to play in the dunes at Ainsdale. He seems inexhaustible, so he's helping to get me and Debbie fit! Here's Debbie on the beach at Ainsdale, collecting shells. This trip was also a chance for me to try out my new radio-controlled model boat! It was so much fun I went and bought a bigger one: a big radio-controlled model RNLI lifeboat. I'll put some pictures of that undergoing its sea trials in due course!


Mud Hound
Gus is especially fond of mud. And cuddles. So far mudflats are his favourite environment, followed closely by stagnant pools, mires and bogs. And he always wants a cuddle as soon as he comes out of whatever he's been into!

June 2007  

Eddie-hunting (Stobart spotting).
On 13th June we drove up to Penrith to catch the Eddie Stobart convoy that was making its way under police escort from Carlisle to Whitehaven. It was a spectacular sight seeing them coming around the corner one after another, then another, then another... The weather was a bit foul, but after seeing the convoy we came home via Ullswater and the Kirkstone pass: Gus's first trip to the Lakes!

I've been adding a few pictures to my trainspotting collection... some are straightforward "spotting" pictures, like this unusual view of a class 08 shunter at Stafford services on the M6, but I'm also starting to think about perhaps trying to take some more interesting railway-related pictures, so keep your eye on the trainspotting photos page if you are interested!
Gus has taken well to the idea of being dragged around train stations, lorry parks, airports and canal banks. He was slightly concerned by the hissing and screeching of a steam train that came within 6 feet of him, but has so far coped well. In the photo on the left he is with me at Nantwich station waiting to see what comes past next, and on the right he is on the platform at Crewe with a Class 57 diesel bubbling away behind him.

July 2007
Family Reunion
One of the best things we've done this summer is a family reunion: Teresa came down from Edinburgh and Mom and George came up from Clows Top, and we all had Sunday lunch.

Teaching Prize
Another nice day in July was graduation day at Keele. This year I won Keele's "Individual Award for Excellence in Teaching", and the award was presented at graduation. So I got to dress up in the academic robes, see a lot of the students graduate, and collect my own award! Debbie and Mom and George had VIP tickets and Debbie took this photo.

More days out at the beach
Debbie and I have been finding time for a few days out introducing Gus to a few more frolicking spots! On one trip we discovered Thurstaston, East Kirby and Hoylake on the Wirral, and now we keep going back as it's probably our nearest bit of beach. When the tide is low we can walk out to Hilbre Island, where we sit and watch the seals.

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Anna on the telly
Thanks to the wonders of instant communication by Facebook I managed to catch one of Anna's reports on News24. It is also online at .

August 2007

How about a blog?
I am trying out blogger as a possible alternative to these "letters" pages. I wonder what people think. Let me know!

The blog is here

That's all for now, thanks for tuning in, please drop me a line!

(Follow this link for some of the letters I've received out of the blue from visitors to this site)

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