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A letter from Gust back to Dogs Trust, from where got him.


Hello! My name's Gust (Gus for short).

Peter and Debbie rescued me when I lost my old home and was being looked after by The Dogs Trust at Shrewsbury. I liked the people there but was  pleased when they found me a new home.


The photo on the left was the first one that Peter took of me, on the day he and Debbie came to meet me and take me for a walk at the Dogs' Home. You can tell I was a little bit fat when they first met me, and Debbie looks a bit worried in this picture... perhaps she didn't know yet how wonderful I would turn out to be! You can tell from this photo on the right, taken on that same day, that I was ready for a good run...

Well, since then I've had LOTS of runs and walks and paddles and plays... Peter and Debbie have taken me to the beach, to lots of woods and streams, and round lots of fields.

Look, I'm shedding those excess pounds and getting really fit! I love playing with other dogs, and I'm trying to teach the cats that were already living with Peter and Debbie when I arrived that I am fun to play with too... They're not quite convinced yet, but I'm sure I'll win them over! Watch this space...

Click this picture for a bigger version. It's me and Peter at Nantwich train station. 

There are lots more photos of me here!