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This is extreme Geography. This is Geography for poets.

Hello, I am Peter Knight. This is my site.

I am a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, a Chartered Geographer and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I have a degree in Geography and a PhD in Glaciers, and I work at Keele University in the UK, teaching, researching and writing in Physical Geography. You can find out more about me at, and more about my work at Keele at

This site was inspired by my work teaching Geography to undergraduates, but is not connected directly with that work. It is an entirely personal project. My professional teaching is constrained by the QAA Academic Infrastructure, University Policy, Programme Specifications, Codes of Practice, and curriculum reviews. This site is not.


Peter Knight

A way of setting the Geographical appreciation of landscape into a broader cultural context. After many years of teaching, as a way of encouraging students to think more deeply about landscape and to help them set their Geographical appreciation of landscape in a broader cultural context, I developed a module called "Inspirational Landscapes" that allows students in the final semester of their undergraduate honours programme to push their understanding of Geography and their appreciation of landscape to the limit. I think of the module as extreme Geography: Geography for poets. I teach that module, Keele's GEG-30014, with my colleagues Pete Adey and Miriam Burke. I am a Physical Geographer, Pete is a Human Geographer, and Miriam is a professional artist. Between us we try to show students a variety of different approaches to landscape. Working on that module set me on the track that led to this web site, and although this is an entirely personal site, I gratefully acknowledge the many useful conversations I have had about the notion of Inspirational Landscapes with Pete, Miriam, and students who have taken the course.

This site is not intended specifically for students doing the "Inspirational Landscapes" module in Geography at Keele, but of course the material here will be relevant to you if you are doing that module. The site is for anyone who wants to think about landscape, and is designed to be accessible to people without any Geography background or training while still having some more challenging sections for people who do have a little background in the subject. If you like this site, let me know. If teachers find the site useful for their students, that will be great. If you like the site, or if you spot anything that needs fixing, let me know. If you don't like it, then don't look at it! If you want to use anything here for educational purposes you are welcome to do so as long as you tell me. If you want to use anything commercially, or if you want more information about anything that's here, get in touch. Check out the legal stuff page if you are wondering about copyright, IPR, etc.

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