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Number 7: Mervyn Peake - Selected Poems (1972)

Cover of Peake's Selected Poems

"The vastest things are those we may not learn.
We are not taught to die nor to be born,
Nor how to burn
With love.
How pitiful is our enforced return
To those small things we are the masters of."

"You walk unaware
Of the slender gazelle
That moves as you move
And is one with the limbs
That you have.
You live unaware
Of the faint, the unearthly
Echo of hooves
That within your white streams
Of clear clay that I love
Are in flight as you turn,
As you stand, as you move... "

"...Is there no love can link us - I and they?
Only this hectic moment? This fierce instant
Striking now
Its universal, its uneven blow?"

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