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1st Entry.
Hi. My name's Jo and I'm starting this diary because my mother says it will help me to get over my break up. I can't think of much to say but I have to write at least 500 words every day otherwise my mother will take it as final proof that I don't love her as much as my sister does. Apparently this diary is officially called a web log because I'm writing it on-line. My mother set it up for me at her Thursday afternoon club. According to my mother, part of the therapy is that you have to know that people can read what you write in your diary. That way it doesn't make you self absorbed. I don't know if I'll ever tell anyone the address. I like the idea of becoming self absorbed. I think it might suit me. I could start wearing all black. My mother has probably already given the address to all her friends. I'm supposed to get e-mails from complete strangers who have found my web log on the internet, but probably I'll only get e-mails from my mother's friends telling me that I should love my mother like my sister does. It's OK Mrs. Feynstone, you needn't write. Just tell my mother when you see her at the club, and ask her to pass the message on for you. I'll see her on Sunday. I always see her on Sunday. What else is there to do? I don't think that this is what a web log is supposed to be like. OK, this is not 500 words, but I only started in the afternoon so it's only half a day. If my mother wants 500 words she should get my sister to write a log.

2nd Entry.
It turns out that my mother has made my sister start writing a log, too. My mother e-mailed me to say that Vicki's first log was longer than mine and that I should take a look to see how it's meant to be done. I think the only reason my mother made Vicki write a log is so that mine can be compared unfavourably with it. I can't bring myself to look at Vicki's log. Vicki e-mailed to say sorry, she didn't know what to write but mother told her she should do at least 500 words a day. I'm not sure if she's saying sorry for writing a log when she knows its only purpose is to put mine to shame or sorry for something particular that she's written in it. Her log is bound to be better than mine anyway because she has a neat little lap-top machine that goes everywhere with her. I have a half dead juggernaut  that lives on a table in my bedroom and has three letters missing from the keyboard. How am I meant to write elegant and entertaining record of my daily life with three keys missing. I'm three keys short of a life anyway. It's Sunday, so I'm driving over to my Mother's. I'll let you know how I get on.