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"Heart of Darkness" Blackout

Picking up the idea of "Blackout Poetry" that I "borrowed" from American artist/writer Austin Kleon, I am making a "Blackout Novel" of Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness". For background to this whole project idea you can read my blog entries at:

To begin with I'm just doing alternate pages because my ink is bleeding through each page that I ink up! In due course I'll go back and do the intervening pages in another copy and insert them in the right places. Whether they add up to a summary, a counterpoint, or nothing at all relevant to the original we shall see!

Page numbers refer to my Penguin Modern Classics edition.

page 5

The wind, the tide, the river
interminable before us.

The motionless Earth
looking to seaward
was holding our hearts.

page 7

The memories of the sea
are like jewels.

What dreams appear
in the dark places of the earth.

page 9

Imagine a ship
with a civilized man
lost in exile, in doubt.
And think of the savagery
in the hearts of men.

And the abomination - the hate.

page 11

that river
was the farthest point
of my experience

Then I got a passion for maps
and all the glories of
blank spaces on the earth

I would go there.
The blank spaces.

page 13

I got my chance
and left

Afterwards bones.

And black, rotting calamity

Mad terror

page 15

I was

I wasn't

I should

I am

I am not


- I don't know -

page 17