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"Albert, an Algerian Acrobat "


Albert, an aristocratic Algerian acrobat and antiquarian, arrived at Athens airport aboard an American Airlines aeroplane. Athens appeared absolutely arid, and as Albert appreciated aridity Athens appealed as an attractive abode, and "Acropolis" as an appropriate address. As activities, auditing ancient Athenian artefacts and admiring archaic architecture also appealed, and Albert assiduously archived all Athens' antiques. Applause and appreciation abounded after Albert's acrobatic accomplishments at an Acropolis alehouse. Athens accepted Albert.

Alf, an aardvark, always accompanied Albert around Athens, almost as an acolyte. Alf asked all about Algeria, acrobats, and Albert's acquaintances at "acrobatics anonymous", an association adept at arranging acrobatics-addicts' activities. Apprehensive about appearing arcane, Albert acquired appealing apparel aiming at achieving Alf's admiration. Although Alf abhored all activity, and ambled around aimlessly after Albert, apparently apathetic and almost apologetically apostatic, aardvarks always appreciate attempts at amicability. An aggravating Australian agent, all agog and asking about Albert's acrobatic accomplishments and achievements ate Alf's afternoon apple, and Alf angrily asked Albert about attacking Australia. "Atomic apocalypse, Albert?" asked Alf. An authoritative answer assuaged Alf's anger, and Albert's aardvark abjured aggression.

Aardvark Alf's annoyingly acerbic accent and appalling aftershave annoyed Athenians, and although antidepressants alleviated aardvark anxiety Athenian antipathy accelerated Alf's apoplexy. Anthrax and arson almost afflicted Athens as Alf's antagonism apexed at an awful apotheosis. Aardvark as Antichrist? Alarming accusations arose amid antipathy against Alf's antisocial antics.

Athens' atavistic apprehensions abated after Albert apologised about Alf. Afterwards, an Arabic Ayatollah and an airheaded air-hostess adopted Alf, and Athens applauded Albert again.