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Peter's Trainspotting Photographs

Crewe Station, September 2006
Summer 2005, West Coast Main Line No, I'm not really a trainspotter, honestly. But I do quite like old diesels. And freight traffic. And railway landscapes. After all, what is more relaxing than sitting on the station watching the trains rattle through? Here are a few photos of trains, and since I'm putting up the photos I might as well list a few of the numbers. But, no, I'm not a trainspotter, honestly.

Some Favourites
Class 08
Class 47 and 57
April 2007
Class 66
Multiple Units
Crewe 7th Sept 2006
Virgin Sets
12th June 2007
Other Classes
7th Sept 2006
As well as trains...

Follow the links above to see photographs (and spot lists!) for each category. Some of the pages are a bit of a disorganised mess so please be patient while I sort them out!