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Prompted Writing

In January 2011, thinking that I should try to write more frequently, I discovered a number of websites that posted regular periodic prompts and I started doing the "Saturday Centus" exercise from Jenny Matlock's blog. It's like a little micro-writing exercise. I put the first couple of entries into my WordPress blog, but since I seem to be keeping it up I thought I'd move them to a more appropriate space of their own here on my web site. Several other contributors kindly commented on those first entries at WordPress, so I've added a comment box to new entries on this list too...

Goose Street Car Park (at WordPress)

The Lottery Ticket (at WordPress)

Beam me up, Scottie

She lifted the stack of letters from the ancient chest

And then it got to be too much like hard work dealing with comments via the DotEasy web form, so instead I have shifted the whole Prompted Writing thing to posterous! Here it is: