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What other sites say

Another of the great things about the web is that all sorts of other people say stuff about your site (or about you!) on their sites. I thought I should record the best of the other websites where I've seen my name!!


From Karl's blog:


"Every year, on his Birthday, Peter Knight chooses one lucky student to be embedded in the Antarctic Ice sheet for 2.6 million years"

"Peter Knight is the real reason the glaciers are melting"

"Peter Knight didn't believe in Father Christmas. He randomly discovered his arctic home one day while examining a glacier, and, infuriated with being proven wrong, removed all evidence of his existence once and for all, by eating it, including the jolly saint himself."

"Several students dissapear every year when conflict between the fear of attending a Peter Knight lecture and the fear of the reprisal for not attending a Peter Knight lecture become so intense, the student dematerialises"

"Peter Kinght has the highest ammo efficiency in his hunting club. He simply points an unloaded shotgun at the target, says the word bang, and all life in the subject is instantly extinguished"

"Peter Knight does not sleep. He waits."

"Only one man ever owned Peter Knight and lived to tell the tale. Only one man ever owned Peter Knight at all. Peter Knight knows how to deal with self-ownage"

"If you can see Peter Knight, Peter Knight can see you. If you can't see Peter Knight, you are shortly going to dematerialise for skipping his lecture"

"Superman: The Movie was originally a documentary about Peter Knight"

"Peter Knight drives a special car with no ignition key, no steering wheel, no gear stick and no pedal controls. He simply gets in, shuts the door and says 'move'"

"Peter Knight is an actual Knight. He was Knighted by King Svensk of Norway for ridding the world of the evil 'Siinta Klaas'"

"Peter's name is P.G. Knight. The P and G actually stand for the name of his subject of choice, "Physical Geography", with Peter simply being his nickname. The reason for this is that he is in actuall fact Physical Geography incarnated in a 'human' form, and a Knight to boot."

"the other 90% of your brain is the propperty of Peter Knight"

"Owing to the fact that Peter Knight could stop climate change at any moment, Peter Knight regularly ammuses himself by walking around the Amazon basin pushing over trees with his bare hands before eating them to conceal any evidence. A popular campaign group has got wind of this and can only opperate by subsituting the phrase "Peter Knight" for the phrase "Poverty" to avoid detection and reprisal"

"There were originally eight days in the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Moses. But Peter Knight altered the laws of physics to speed up the universe to the effect of elliminating the need for an eigth day on Earth. If Peter Knight can't have a day, then no-one can."

"La Paz, the capital city of Bolivia, is the highest capital city above sea level in the world. This is so because they believe that Peter Knight is a giant octopus."

"During a field course to Washington State, Peter Knight instructed a group of students to watch from a safe distance while he proceeded to climb into the crater of Mount St Helens and conduct a series of controlled eruptions choriographed to Beehtoven's 9th. On returning to the group they said "That was amazing but surely impossible. How did you do that?", at which point Peter Knight summoned up a localised earthquake causing a fissure to appear in the ground out of which a Pteradactyl emerged, circled the group several times and swooped down and ate one of the students whole before obediently returning to its underground lair. Do not question Peter Knight."

"Fellow geographer Douglas Lockheart once made the mistake of trying to confuse Peter Knight with complex post-modern theory. In response, Peter Knight liquidised himself before masquerading as a cup of coffee and, upon consumption by Douglas Lockheart, spent several days wreaking havock amongst his internal organs as punishment."

"The game of golf was originally played in dense woodlands and was called Dealing With Squirrels The Peter Knight Way."