Tutorial Ideas

I was asked once to share some of my tutorial activities with colleagues, so I thought I'd put a few of them up here for anybody to use. They were originally designed and tested with 1st-year University undergraduates, but could no doubt be adjusted for use at any level. Or you could just do them for fun!

1. The "What is Geography?" (musical) icebreaker exercise.
2. Draw me a map of... the Arctic; the Equator; home.
3. Essay-writing 101: Answer the Question
4a. The famous "through the window" exercise - parts 1-3
4b The famous "through the window" exercise - part 4
5a. St. Exupery's Geography Lesson
5b. St. Exupery's Elephant in a Boa Constrictor
6. Peer assessment of essays
7. What can you see in this photograph of a landscape?
8. Effective Time Management
9. Show and Tell
10. The one with the stars and the boat
11. Types of assessment

12. Michael writes Haiku... and opens his eyes.

13. The one where they scribble in their text books (link to blog post)
14. The travel book that really travels