What else is Landscape?

When we looked at Monument Valley we argued that there was more to landscape than just a view of some pretty countryside. What you see at first glance is just the starting point. There are many other ways of defining landscape. So what else is landscape? Well, here are a few examples of things that we could discuss under the heading "landscapes". See what you think.

monument valley
The Hay Wain
Lowther Hall
This is a landscape: Monument Valley - the one we started with. A landscape created by nature. If you think a landscape should be "natural", how about this?
photo: wikimedia commons

This is a landscape, too: "The Hay Wain", painted in 1821 by John Constable. Art inspired by a real place this is one of the best known "landscapes" in the world.
photo: wikimedia commons
Here is another type of "created" landscape: a garden designed by Capability Brown. It is a real landscape but also an artistic representation of an ideal.
photo: wikimedia commons
The Hobbit
Charles Bronson
This landscape, the urban landscape of Vancouver, may not have a lot "natural" about it either, but it is undeniably real. Think also of agricultural landscapes...
photo: petergknight
This landscape is entirely imaginary: this is from Tolkein's book "The Hobbit", set in an imaginary land. Think also of science fiction landscapes...
book cover: Harper Collins publishers
The face can be treated as a landscape, or as a metaphor for landscape. Charles Bronson was cast by Sergio Leone becase his face suited the landscape.

These are just a few examples. Try to think of other things that we could put under the heading "landscape", and try to think of more examples that would fit alongside each of those above. For example, alongside Tolkein's fantasy landscape can you think of any other imaginary landscapes from literature or cinema? Alongside the Capability Brown garden can you think of any other created landscapes that in some ways mimic nature and yet are really artificial? As we amble through this site we will start by trying to broaden our viewpoint on the nature of landscape, and then later we may wish to turn back and consider whether we should refocus and be more limited and specific in our definitions.

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