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Pete's Old Retired Blogs

From 2001-2007 my "letters to friends and family" page, which was essentially a blog before I knew the word blog existed, told anyone who was interested what I was doing. Then around 2007-2009 I tried out a few different blogs but decided it was getting a bit messy and cut back again. Since then I've started yet more blogs, some of which are still going, but I don't like to throw away old stuff, and haven't yet reorganised the old material into "bin" or "keep" piles, so it's hard to find my way around all the different blogs now! But here are some links back to the old dead blogs, pending such time as I sort them out and trash the trash!

Old and retired Blogs

Home blog (only 2007-9)

Work blog (only 2007-9)

Back of my mind blog (only 2007-9)



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